by Svetlana Mircheva, Bulgaria

Finding something that has not been lost is probably one of the most interesting things about working on a computer and with digital space in general.
The artist presents one piece of her discovery that turned up while testing a variety of recovery tools after she had lost her data from her harddrive. Besides the question on how recovery can actually be understood as a process of creation or remix there is an appealing statement about an unintentional and experimental way of working: the artist as a gold-digger; rambling around his/her microspace and every now and then being astonished about what he/she finds in his/her familiar spheres.

Everybody welcome to get a first impression of the piece by scrolling around the detail on the right.

The saved images are gif files on the hard disc of my computer that have appeared unexpectedly, each minute in size, and in large numbers. Devoid of history, origin, creator or context, they remain in the space of illusions and possibilities as perfectly clear and primitive images belonging to no one and carrying no added meaning, or as documentary artifacts, bringing evidence for our parallel digital world.

„while testing a deleting software on my computer some time ago, i unintentionally lost the whole information on my hard drive. a long process of file recovery began afterwords, using different programs. some things came back, others were missing, and very unexpectedly a number of previously deleted, fully forgotten files reappeared.. as if they returned to live a second life.“

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