"Walking through the Sound Garden"
by Sasha-Liviu Stoianovici, Romania

In his solo show the artist presents one video and very many still images taken from the aesthetic animation that is based on the modulated structure of failure. Everybody welcome!

Sasha-Liviu Stoianovici is a visual/sound artist who works with various media; his research towards video distortion and video re-sampling led to a series of videos, from which he created a bigger series of still images. (S.L. re-builds his ''own'' video processors, from maybe-not-so-old home-studio devices). Sometimes the still images may be combined with oil-painted surfaces or with drawings, photos etc. Other times, the images remain untouched.

He also deals with music, where he works with layered sounds which may come from different sources: synthesizers, prepared electronic toys, traditional string instruments, various reeds, jaw's harps, fiels recordings. S.L. is a founding member of NU & APA NEAGRA - group of psych/improvised music from Romania.

The ''Walking Through The Sound Garden'' project is the result of a work which has in its center the video processor/video mixer as sound generator(s). The sound output of a modified video processor chained to a video mixer is both audio and video recorded, then, after re-sampling the video, the two channels are syncronised; the new video shows how the same signal is converted in two different forms, which create together a whole.

Lots of still images are then taken from the video.

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