by Falk Messerschmidt, Germany

In his solo show the artist presents his work "unobstruction" which is a transparent image and exactly 700 megabytes large.
On the right side and above the white line you will find a 300 x 300 pixel wide detail of the image. Clicking on it presents the piece compressed but at its original size of 15.642 x 15.642 pixels in an extra pop up window.
Everybody welcome to have a closer look!

I felt challenged by the 700mbg.com call for works. Challenged in deed.
Thus I created a perfectly suitable work, trying to use every last bit(e) of the exhibition space. The actual piece is a 700mb, 132,44 cm by 132,44 cm large 100% transparent Tagged Image File Format (tiff) in prestine 300dpi print quality providing its owner with the puzzling enigma and the utopistic possibilities of the digital world.

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