by Linda Weiss, Germany

In her solo show the artist brings up the basic questions on economic organisation issues, links them to the well known promises and phrases of the daily commercial–fire and bans the constallation as text animation into a video sequence.
Everybody welcome to recall and read along by clicking the still image to the right. Enjoy!

Why am I thrilled, when Don Draper in the trailer of Mad Men, a show about work and product relationships in a New York advertising agency, proclaims that “advertisement is based on one thing: happiness.” (1) Probably, because I see parallels to work on art in general. The constant investing and being involved lies in the thrill of happiness through work and the work on the product. “Takes us to a place, ... round and around, back home again, the place where we know we are loved.” (2) And again I am thrilled when I think of the scene in “The Carousel” in Mad Men, where a pitch takes place combining the sense of arrival with the product. Or is it because I too work for an advertising agency?

(text taken from commercial of the bank for which I have been working since 2000, 700mgb)

(1) Matthew Weiner, Mad Men, Trailer, Season 1, USA 2007
(2) Matthew Weiner, Mad Men, The Carousel, Season 1, USA 2007

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