by Sabina Romanin, Italy

In her show the artist presents a very simplistic and interesting way to approach digital space.

She is using needle and thread to save her idea by stitching her image into the disc. Using these materials she points out the contrast of the colorful glossy and vulnerable surface of a cd and the traditional and very old craft of sewing. The artist connects the two sides of the disc with black thread, thereby destroys its major function and at the same time saves her mirror image on both sides of the disc.

The act of sewing and saving her (self)portrait this particular way is a clear statement; an act of fixing, of repairing something and outlines a slight idea of the desperate attempt to keep something from getting old or being broken. An attempt to preserve the brilliant and almost magical appearance of a cd - or of oneself in its reflection.

Everybody welcome to reflect!

The act of sewing brings me back to my family origin: my father is a tailor and I have lived among threads and fabrics all my life.

I make portraits of the people I have met and then I translate them onto fabric, paper, plastic etc. by machine- or hand-sewing.

A portrait is the interface between the self and the world, between inner and outer perception. And portrait making is also deeply rooted in the Italian humanistic tradition, which is my cultural legacy.

In this specific case, the act of sewing onto a CD is particularly challenging because a traditional practice is interwoven with a technological medium, an unexpected mixture provoking a visual short circuit in our perception.

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