"Whenever you do something - no matter what - you have to live with it and with all its consequences.
But when you choose to avoid-to-do-something - it ideally opens a space in which all these things that could have been done remain equally possible."

  Stefan Riebel, 2012

"Today art is available almost everywhere at any time for any purposes. There have never been more galleries, museums, events and participants in this field than today. Cultural mass production, hard competition, tons of trivial art material and economical alienation have become ordinary presence to us. It seems that art has become arbitrary and redundant, has lost its power and is merely used for entertainment, compensation and decoration purposes.

Unproduction Network shall be understood as a movement that seeks to avoid artistic production and that offers an enhanced point of view on artistic strategies and ways of interaction. Therefore various methods are developed and tested that allow to participate in the arts and keep up an ongoing communication without adding any further cultural material. These necessarily context and site specific methods are called Strategies of Avoidance (SOA)."

  Phillip Sadofsky, 2009